Rules of Engagement

That is usually the term applied for how you engage the enemy on the battlefield. so what do you do when the enemy on the battlefield has a significant amount of cash at his or her disposal and is also a family member? Well, usually the answer is absolutely nothing, it’s their life and so you let their decisions and the consequences play themselves out, don’t you? There really is no need to intervene if the matter or matters are personal to them, and where they’re not, where they’re encroaching on the peace, safety and the well-being of an enitre community, well you just leave it to the police don’t you?

Fact: police numbers have fallen by 17,000 a significant number of them being neighbourhood police officers. Which means that if you live in an inner city neighbourhood and your counting on the physical presence of police officers, you might as well not even bother. The government haven’t just lambasted the police repeatedly for their perceived consistent ineptitudes they’ve cut their numbers. So, if little Josephine or little Johnny and his mates are getting out of hand with their criminality, the only real community based force may well be their blood relatives (that’s assuming their relatives aren’t as much of a problem as they are!). If you’ve a community full of concerned elders trying to make sure your peace loving & decent community stays that way, and they find themselves ranged against vile & nasty drug dealers? They’re on their own, courtesy of the government.

The police federation holds it’s conference to day at which the home secretary (she who had to be convinced that for the sake of national security the police should not face further cuts) will speak. My message to that lady, you have done our inner city communities in particular a great disservice & I cannot believe we had to settle out of London to Winchester to discover a community of elders who are supported in their wishes for their community, by police officers who work hard and whose numbers (in Hampshire) are being added to. London broughs like Hackney, Brent, Hounslow and Newham deserve the same blessings but thanks to this home secretary & her government there’s nothing doing. Who by the way thought it was a good idea to vote this goverment into power?




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